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When I started the journey of becoming a business owner back in 2020 during the early days of COVID-19, I had no idea where I would be with Decelle Branding in 2021, let alone 2023. Almost three years later and I am happy to say that I am still creating new relationships with other small businesses that are looking to strike gold on their own!

With the beginning of the year came much consideration about how the team could explore offering new services and products – and then we settled on the appeal of bundling things we were already doing. Along came our Lemon Roots Brand Boost package, which allows clients starting from the ground up to work with us as we take them through every step of their branding journey. 

 From creating the perfect logo for their business to developing a website that sets them miles ahead of their competition on day one, we have found great success promoting our Brand Boost package to our clients throughout 2023. One client in particular has just received their completed products: Omni Elite! We asked owner Raquel Manning a few questions about her experience working with Decelle Branding through the very beginning of her company to the launch of her website. 

This is what she had to say:

Jasmine: How does it feel now that your website is launched and out in the wild? Who have you shown it to and what have they said!?

Raquel: I feel great! Launch day was my birthday, but I was still very nervous to put it out there and to share with others. My family were the first people I shared with on my birthday. I made a post on my Instagram and Facebook as well. So, now all of my social media friends, colleagues and even mentors have checked it out. I’m excited that it’s out and live, but now the girl work begins!

Jasmine: What was your experience like working with our team through your entire branding journey with Omni Elite?

Raquel: Working with you has been an absolute breeze. You were able to deliver at each and every request, even in my moments of indecisiveness or pickiness. Jasmine truly brought my vision to life. 

Jasmine: Would you recommend working with Decelle Branding again? Do you have future ideas or wishes? i.e branded flyers, brochures, merchandise etc.

Raquel: I would absolutely recommend working with Decelle Branding. I plan to start doing events soon, so I foresee reaching out to you all again for additional products and services. But also, as my business grows, I know that my site will have to change a bit so I’m sure we will be working together again!

Jasmine: What did you feel was a MUST HAVE for your website? Why?

Raquel: My must haves for my site were making my services clear. I also wanted to highlight that I serve and support people of color as they tend to steer away from mental health support. I think we did both and I’m so appreciative of that. 

Jasmine: What are your business goals now that the site is live?

Raquel: I want to help bring more awareness to mental health and decrease the stigma of mental health, especially in communities with people of color. I have goals of serving my community and being an additional mental health resource that will help touch as many lives as possible.

It’s of no surprise to say that I absolutely love the chance to work with other female-owned small businesses. Helping craft their brand from scratch is such an honor that I will never undervalue. Trusting someone else – someone who is usually a complete stranger, nonetheless – with the creative control of your company’s image through things like logos and websites is no small feat. 

That is why the Decelle Branding team is so, so, SO excited to officially wrap up our Lemon Roots Brand Boost package projects! To see everything completed and together across their social media pages, their email signatures or even just scrolling through their website after launch is a feeling of giddiness that will never grow old. 

What excites us the most is crafting new relationships with our clients that we hope will extend for years to come. Just as Raquel said, we hope and want to be there for her as soon as she has any future design needs. After all, our Lemon Roots package is just scratching the surface! There are tons of things we can do to support her (and you) throughout the lifetime of your business. Business card designs, social media graphics — heck, even helping get your branding on pens and beer koozies is within our means.

Outside of our design offerings, we can also help curate/manage social media accounts, write press releases and/or roll out blog posts to help boost your brand’s engagement and SEO! We really are a one-stop shop for your needs, and we’re proud as hell of that, too. Contact us today if you want to join Raquel as one of our very satisfied clients! 

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