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Over the past couple years, Decelle Branding has had the honor and privilege of working with a number of pet professionals in regards to their branding and design needs. Though their needs and stories varied from one to the other, our team was able to dial in and do what we do best — create. Their trust in Decelle Branding allowed us to do everything from designing new brand identities through logos to building entire websites and physical media to further support and grow those same identities. 

Let’s get into the meat and bones of it:

branding & logos

As you read through this post, you may notice that some of the examples used are from repeat businesses. We are happy to say our clients trusted us to have the abilities to help cultivate and grow their brand beyond just a simple, single job.

Our discovery phase for most of these pet professionals started at one of the most important parts of their identity: their logos. Branding is closely affiliated with the logo they decide to move forward with, so we have always stressed the importance of getting it PERFECT before we proceed towards extending their identity through other materials and projects.

It might be easy to believe that pet businesses have it easy. After all, dogs and cats market themselves with their cuteness and meme-worthy expressions, don’t they!? If only it were so simple. Pet businesses are a very important, yet very dense market with many competitors through varying skills and specialities. Owners have to get their identities out there and visible, and those identities have to synergize with each and every moving part of their business.

When we started working with Jessica from RCO Pet Care, she had an amazing vision for her new branch of her business. Where Sit Happens was meant to be a friendly, love-based means for training dogs and tuning to their behavioral needs. What we loved best during this development process was breaking the mold and doing our research.

Our team learned that many dog trainers fall into a colder, more militant-style visual identity that breeds confidence for trained dogs but doesn’t really welcome the core of who Jessica wanted to reach.

We came up with something that reflects her vision of a friendlier, more welcoming environment that she cannot wait to fully share with the world. This helps reinvigorate her mission: that with science and love, any dog can be trained.

By the end of this important first step, we and our clients firmly believed that they were going to get the recognition they deserved. And they have! 

web design

For most of our clients, we move right into designing their website as soon as we settle on the perfect rendition of their brand logos. We like to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak! Riding high on the momentum really helps get our gears turning and creative juices flowing. If we think of a logo as a canvas, a website is us simply stretching that canvas out farther and wider to present even more of an identity for the brand we are currently working on.

One of our favorite websites was able to balance a true connection to their logo. To date, it is one of the websites we are most proud of! Lovely Paws Grooming ensured that once you landed on the website’s homepage, you could easily navigate to where you needed to go. Working with Meg on our first project together, we came up with a ‘workflow’ that balanced the beauty of the logo we designed for her with the need for a cohesive and navigable website.

A common misconception for businesses that aren’t internet-savvy is that they believe a website is nothing more than the dumping grounds for a buttload of information. It’s supposed to be where visitors can click to find your address, your hours, what your prices are and how to contact you! That’s it, right!? We are here to happily remind you that… oh, no. No, it is much more vital than just that.

Petpreneurs working with us are walked through the why’s and how’s during our consultations and draft reviews. We remind our clients that their website is a way of dynamically telling their story through more than buzzwords and business lingo. When a visitor stops by on your website’s homepage, we want it to feel akin to them stepping foot into your storefront. They need to know what it might be like to work with you as more than just a business, but also as the person behind it.

graphic design

Did you know that nearly 30% of pet owners purchase pet-specific merchandise exclusively for social media? Or how about the fact that the pet grooming industry is expected to reach $14.5 billion by 2025? Then there’s the tidbit about direct mobile traffic to pet industry websites growing by 30% in 2018, surpassing referral traffic from Facebook.

You’re probably wondering why all of these random facts may correlate with one another. We’re here to say that the growth in 2018 has not slowed down in 2023. Not in the damn slightest! Even the nasty ‘vid-19 couldn’t stop the success of pet grooming and pet care businesses.

Decelle Branding has seen firsthand how popular these businesses have been. Not a single one of them came to us as a struggling professional. They came to us to take advantage of their market’s success so that we could create polished brands and ways of marketing their skills so that they could further take advantage of their momentum.

Creating branding identities goes beyond designing a logo suite and creating a website around your company. It goes into the world of physical media as well. Brochures, business cards, pamphlets… Heck, those with the budget to afford it could even benefit from getting koozies, bag clips or pens branded with their freshly-squeezed brand identity! The options of merchandise and ways of presenting your pet business in the real world can be numerous.

Atta Boy! Animal Care rack card

Working with Atta Boy! Animal Care means we were working with a woman-owned, local business in our area. Amber has done a great job building a brand that works on integrity, standards for pet care, and comfort for pet parents during busy seasons of their life. When Amber came to us for a rack card design, we utilized the ‘why’ – why should anyone trust Atta Boy with such an important part of their lives? Balancing storytelling with graphic design lead to an eye-catching rack card that has been FLYING off the desks of veterinary providers and other vendors that Amber advertises with.


now is the time to capitalize!

If you’re a pet professional, whether you work solo or with a team of experts, it’s important to not rest on your laurels. Decelle Branding is proud of the work we have been able to do for so many in your field throughout Florida and beyond! That pride goes beyond just us liking the way things look when they’re in front of us. We have many testimonials and success stories from our clients weeks, months and even years after that indicate how happy they have been with what we created.

We are excited in August to be presenters for Florida’s FIRST Pet Services Summit! We’re passionate about helping pet professionals and pet-centric businesses understand the importance of what is possible with proper storytelling, branding, and design.

Whether it’s a complete branding refresh from the ground-up or you’re just hoping for some assistance making social media content around your existing identity, we do it all. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation today so that we can begin working closely with you to take your pet business to the next level and beyond.


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