What to Know About These 3 New Canva Tools

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If you’ve clicked this, then you probably already know that Canva is the PERFECT tool for creating graphics for social media, websites and more. It’s easy to use/navigate, free (with reasonable premium features at cost) and has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it possible for anyone with basic computer skills to create professional-looking designs.

These days, with the importance of social media and us living in the “era of the influencer”, having that at your fingertips couldn’t be more important. That’s why we value preaching and teaching others about the features Canva has buried underneath the obvious. You know the saying: teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime!

Here are three of the newest Canva tools we wanted to highlight so you can get the biggest bang for your buck the next time you have a project at your fingertips:

magic design

Magic Design is a tool that allows you to create beautiful designs with just a single click. It’s easy to use and offers a variety of templates, so you can create professional-looking graphics in minutes.

The Magic Design feature works by analyzing your image and automatically adding elements like text and backgrounds based on what it sees in the image–no need to download any additional files or fonts! The tool also gives you access to over 100 free stock images from Canva’s library so that you can customize your project even further.

The benefits of using Magic Design include:

  • Being the perfect starting point for someone hoping to learn more about design.
  • Quickly creating beautiful designs without having any design experience at all!
  • Saving time when creating graphics because all of the hard work has been done for you by Canva’s team of designers (and they’re pretty good).

Learning and using the Magic Design feature is a great way to get your design projects off the ground. However, we HIGHLY recommend not leaning too into a tool that takes away your creativity. Use this when you’re drawing blanks on what to create or during a time crunch!

canva PDF editor

The Canva PDF Editor is yet another great update in the Canva suite of tools that allows you to add text and images to existing PDFs. You can also use it to create your own custom-branded business cards, letterheads, envelopes and more.

Canva PDF Editor works like any other graphic design tool: you drag and drop images into your document from your computer or device’s photo library; add text using one of the many fonts available (including some pretty fun ones like Comic Sans); resize elements using simple controls; change their color scheme with a few clicks; then export as either an editable Word document or JPG image file!

The best part? There are no limits on how large or small your files can be — so if you’ve got a large document sitting around in the office that needs updating, but you don’t want to spend hours retyping everything yourself? This could be exactly what you need to save yourself some time and an annoying headache!

magic edit generator

The Magic Edit Generator is a powerful tool that helps customize your Canva designs with absolute ease. With this tool, you can enhance your images by adjusting various elements such as exposure, brightness, and contrast. You can also crop, resize, and rotate your images to fit your design needs, and apply photo filters and effects to transform simple photos into pieces of art that you can be proud to show off on your social media accounts!

One of the most impressive aspects of the Magic Edit Generator is its ability to remove backgrounds or specific elements from images, making it easy to create transparent PNGs or replace deleted items with something specific to your needs. Additionally, it also allows you to add text and shapes to your images, adding even more versatility to such a simple-to-use Canva tool.

In our opinion, the Magic Edit Generator is one of the best updates to Canva because of its ability to create beautiful graphics quickly and easily, whether you’re a professional designer or a novice.

you can always have more than one best friend

As you can tell by us writing this, we are huge fans of what Canva brings to the table for small businesses. Not everyone has the budget for hiring designers to do projects for them long-term. However, not everyone has the time to do this work themselves, either! It is a delicate balancing act between the two, and that’s why there will always be a need to hire experts like us. 

Whether it’s branding or helming your social media, Decelle Branding is here to fit into whatever unique or niche need you might have. Not only do we take over the work for you, we also teach other business owners (and/or their employees) on how to effectively use social media platforms and Canva to their fullest potential. 

Contact us today for your free 15-minute consultation so that we can determine if we’re the solution to your problem! And if not, that’s absolutely okay. We’ll always be here to notify you of what you can do on your own, because we believe self-empowerment is beneficial to any and everyone. 

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